Asian Earthquake and Round Two MBA Deadlines


Published: 111 days ago

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Please note that no school is giving a blanket extension. If you have Internet access, the posted deadlines stand. If you don’t have Internet access and don’t individually obtain permission to submit later, your application will be considered with the next batch.

  • Harvard wrote me, “We’re suggesting that affected applicants try to contact us early [this] week with individual concerns.
  • I have corresponded with several admissions offices and they all indicated a willingness to accommodate such applicants. Obviously those schools with deadlines this week, like Harvard and Wharton, are going to have the most affected applicants. If you cannot connect and are trying to submit to Harvard (Jan 3 deadline) and Wharton (January 4 deadline), contact the respective schools ASAP.

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, that it would be extremely foolish for someone with Internet access to attempt to take advantage of this situation and obtain an extension because he or she simply didn’t complete the application on time.

If you are an MBA round 2 applicant located in Asia top essay writing services and cannot connect to the Internet or cannot connect to the application service web sites prior to your deadline, contact the schools individually and they will make special accommodations for you so your application will be included in round 2.

  • Wharton’s Thomas Caleel wrote me last week, “We are monitoring the situation closely and we will reconsider on Tuesday. If there are still problems, we will certainly make accommodations for those affected.”
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